State Bank of India wishes to appoint, a senior officer with sufficient experience in the Audit department of a bank preferably foreign bank branch in China , as Internal Auditor for its Shanghai Branch:


The willing candidates should posses the following qualifications :


(a) A Bachelor Degree in a related field such as economics, finance, or accounting.

(a) 经济、金融、会计等相关专业学士学位

(b) Minimum six (5) years experience in Banking Audit area

(b) 至少5年以上银行审计相关从业经验

(c) Good writing / speaking skills in English language

(c) 良好的英语写作/口语能力

(d) Those who are in a position to join at an early date may be preferred

(d) 能尽早加入者优先

Desirous candidates should apply with their CVs containing the following essential information :


(i) Name in English & Chinese (ii) Gender (iii) Date of Birth (iv) ID Number (v) Details of Education (vi) Details of Professional Experience (vi) Present employment status

(i) 中英文名字 (ii) 性别 (iii) 出生日期 (iv) 身份证号码 (v) 教育信息 (vi) 履职经验及技能 (vi) 目前就业情况

2. Basic job content of the post is furnished below :


Responsibilities of Internal Auditor of SBI, China

1.The candidate should possesses knowledge about verifying and scrutinizing the areas of compliance with KYC/AML, Compliance with Regulatory requirements and Reporting, various areas in loans and advances, Trade finance, Inward/outward remittances, Information Technology, Treasury Operations, HR and Administration, Finance/Accounting/Reconciliation and Deposits;

2.To provide independent feedback to the Audit Committee of the Bank’s Board and the Top Management on the effective functioning of the Bank’s Foreign Offices;

3.To identify weak/vulnerable areas and evaluate the adequacy of Risk Management under the various categories of risks and also to evaluate Control and Governance Process in Foreign Offices;

4.To evaluate and assess the status of compliance with Laws, Regulations, Contracts, Plans, Policies, Processes and other related requirements;

5.To determine and comment upon the adequacy, effectiveness and timeliness of actions taken by the Management on reported observations including those made by external auditors, Regulators and others and follow up the same;

6.To study the Business Processes and Controls and assess whether sound Management Practices are being followed at the auditee units;

7.To assess and appraise the gaps in Systems/Practices leading to harm or loss and also the lost opportunities at the Foreign Offices.


1. Examination and evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the Internal Control Systems;

2. Review of the accuracy and reliability of accounting records;

3.Review of the means of safeguarding of assets;

4. Appraisal of the effectiveness and efficiency of operations;

5. Review of the Compliance System established to ensure compliance with legal and other “Host Country Regulatory Requirements: including “Know Your Customer(KYC)”, “Anti Money laundering(AML)”and “Counter-Financing of Terrorism(CFT)” requirements.

6. Review of application and effectiveness of Risk management Processes and adherence to the Liquidity Risk Management Policies and Procedures and effective Management Control over Liquidity Risk Management function.

7. Review of the adequacy and accuracy of Management and Financial Information Systems, including the Electronic Information Systems and Electronic banking Services;

8. Review of adherence to the Internet Rate Risk Management Policies and Procedures and effective Management Control over Interest Rate Risk positions.

9. Review of Credit &Investment Portfolio, uses of Derivatives etc, so that they are as per the laid down policy;

10.Review of adherence to the Exchange Rate Risk Management Policies and Procedures and effective Management Control over Exchange Rate Risk positions;

11. Review the expertise of the personnel involved in key operations, such as Exchange Rate Risk Management, Interest Rate Risk Management, Liquidity Risk Management, etc;

12.Carrying out special investigations, with the consent of the appropriate authority/Audit Committee of the Bank’s Board;

13. Review of periodic preparation& submission of Asset Liability mismatch reports of the Foreign Offices;

14. Review of adherence to Bank Exposure and Country Risk Policies

15. Review of adherence to Concentration Risk Policies.